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Science Fiction Book Aoleon The Martian Girl

All About Gilbert

Gilbert Sullivan has been having dreams lately of aliens. His mother says it is him playing too many video games. Gilbert awakes him his latest nightmare.Gilbert hears a noise and goes to look out of his telescope.|} Gilbert originally thought it was a shooting star but then recognizes that it's a space ship. {It has landed in the corn field.|} Gilbert bumps into someone and rushes out. A girl.The girl. is from Mars.|}

I certainly loved the graphics in this book. They weren't your common graphics. They were merely like out of a video game. They bright and colorful and just popped off the pages|just popped off the pages and were eye catching, brilliant and vivid|only popped off the pages and were eye catching, bright and colorful|were eye catching, colorful and vivid and just popped off the pages}.novel on my computer.|} Subsequently there was the storyline itself. Aoleon and Gilbert are great together. I was {a little envious of all of the cool pleasure that Gilbert was having with Aoleon in her space ship traveling throughout the world.|} There was plently of action to keep this story going along at a great speed|a speed that is good}. Additionally, I like the author did not use lots of big words|that a lot of big words were not used by the author}. For the younger readers it will be hard to pronounce the words and understand the things that they mean|their meaning}. Even though the author did place a glossary at the back of the book with the definitions. This is book one. There are five novels in this series. So now is a great time to begin this series.publication.|}


What a fabulous science fiction book!filled story kept my attention throughout.|} LeVasseur's graphic descriptions {not only paint a picture for the readers but in addition draw you deep into this world|draw you deep into this world not only paint a picture for the readers but in addition|draw you deep into this world, paint a picture for the readers but also}. {The way that locales and the chapters were set up I felt as if I were really on a mission with the characters.|} It captured my imagination. The chaos in this story is absolutely priceless. LeVasseur takes young teenagers causing trouble to an entirely new degree. This is all wrapped around a rather indepth narrative of life & {leadership|direction & life}. There is also a technical facet to the narrative that made the narrative oh-so-actual and potential. appreciated this, but it's a narrative that will captivate younger readers|It's a storyline that can captivate younger readers, although as an adult I appreciated this}. This writer's inviting storytelling together with the amazingly SciFi esque images will keep them riveted.

The graphics in this story were amazing. The definitely improved the narrative|The story was definitely improved by them} for me.gratifying as these images are on an older black & white ereader, in colour they are certainly enchanting.|} This was an visual story. Between the {author's fantastic writing and also the genuine pictures that are part of the narrative|the genuine pictures which are part of the narrative as well as the writer's fantastic writing} I could easily imagine everything.

I think the main character summed it up perfectly when the author said, 'Zoikers! That is so trendy!' This story is a fantastic start to a series certain to catch the heart & the imagination.can not wait to see what happens next.|}


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